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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Books, clothes and sunshine

Lethargic days are here, which is to say summer has officially come. Apparently we had the highest Feb temp recorded in ten years, Mi. I can believe it. The fan whirrs on stoically, recirculating the hot air. Just stepping out into the verandah to hang out clothes to dry is exhausting with the sun beating down. All my good intentions of scraping the pigeon poop go to naught as I postpone it yet another day.

Nevertheless, I am loath to waste all that energy and heat, so I’ve made it my mission to wash everything I possibly can. Imagine how busy our washing machine is! But I have to be careful I run it before 11 am as the tap water gets very hot and who knows what mischief it might get up to inside the machine! And running it after 4 pm is…. ugh! Not done. Who wants to hang out clothes in the evening? Not me.

By the way, did I tell you that Dhanush’s Paati still hangs out those embroidered bedspreads and cotton sarees? I was smiling to myself yesterday when she came out at 4 pm to take them off the clothesline – recalling how we went looking for similar bedspreads and found one.

Incidentally those exhibitions next to Asha Sweets on Sampige road are a permanent fixture it seems, with the same old vendors. Which reminds me, I haven’t worn that beige saree at all! I must get the fall fixed and wear it, especially since I have your blouse to pair it with, a perfect match.

I have a victory to declare. The cream cupboard is almost two-thirds empty – I  mean, the three out of five shelves are now loaded with my clothes. Of course I still have to sort out my clothes cupboards. So much that I’ve forgotten what I own. But one thing is certain, I probably shouldn’t buy another item of clothing for as long as I live. Sigh. As an atonement for my sins, I’m still giving away stuff. Sometimes I wonder, if I ceased to exist, what would happen to all the stuff in our house that only I am aware of? Scary thought. So the solution is to purge, purge, purge. It is a good thing the urge is strong.

Still, I feel proud of myself for making so much headway. And told Vidur, too, who said all the heartwarming things he always says in appreciation. But this one is extra-special because it has been such a long-term project, Mi! I am trying to clear the tall tower next to the dressing table now so we can keep some of Vidur’s precious books dust-free.

I still dream of converting your room into a library with ceiling to floor shelves along the wall that has the TV and love the visual that is in my head. Must explore those ready to install shelves, as I just don’t have the time or patience to mind a carpenter as he works at his own pace.

Time for coffee. Always.

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