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On the way to the Post Office the other day, I got a rude shock when I saw that the 8th cross market was no more, Mi!. I rather felt like Rip Van Winkle, waking up to see the world as I knew it had changed. Where I remembered baskets and hillocks of fresh vegetables, smiling women, I only saw rubble. I had to shake myself mentally to adjust to the .. change. The women, some of them, are sitting in 9th cross now. So tough no?

Sigh. Do you remember how one lady’s daughter would come back from school and sit with her while she helped her finish her homework? And that old lady who loved the roasted peanuts that I always took for her after the first time she actually asked me for some? I didn’t see her around. I was talking to one of our usuals and she laughed when I asked her when they expected to move back in. We all know how long government work takes and she jokingly said, perhaps by the time her grandchildren got married? Haha.

By the way did I tell you P got married? She looked lovely! I even wore a saree to her wedding, that plain pink silk one. I went with our neighbor and we clicked photos of each other outside the venue. I sent it to Tanu for fun and we reminisced over the last time I wore that saree – when we all went to Sharda’s sister’s wedding reception. Met the entire E&K gang, ex and existing. Very pleasant morning!

Talking of missing buildings, there’s one on 8th Main that has been razed to the ground, to give way to …. I am not sure what. However, after three years of wondering, the Medhini/Fabmall/More spot has been occupied by a bank – and since the ATM opposite has gone, this is welcome. We do like to have everything within our reach on 8th Main eh?

Yeah. Change is good. Ringing out the old to make place for the new. Fresh air is good. Space is good. I am making a lot of this in my routine and am loving it. Life is too short to worry about non-productive things, as I keep realizing each day. And by the 30th of this month, I hope to have accomplished some major stuff. So please do keep that virtual kaapi coming, Mi. ♥

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Vidya Sury

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4 thoughts on “Change

  1. Hello! Businesses change quickly in the city I live in, so what happened to you in the Cross Street Market has happened to me also. One time my sister was in town and I wanted to take her to this restaurant I thought she’s like. When we got there it was a karaoke bar! I had just eaten at the restaurant that had been there the week before. Crazy!

    PS. About my blog entries- since we’re rowmies in the yeah write challenge: don’t worry about leaving comments or reading my stuff right now. I’m trying to finish a fiction writing class so I’m just focusing on that this week. But I’m looking forward to getting to know you this month! ~Nate

    1. Hi Nate! I’ve had the restaurant thing happen to me too, except we saw a residential building where the sprawling restaurant used to be.
      Thanks for coming by ! Your fiction writing class sounds interesting! Are you also participating in the NaNoWriMo? 🙂 Looking forward to getting together more this month, too!

  2. What colourful descriptions of the street and people as you remembered it, Vidya. I felt I was right there watching. I see change around me, too. Sometimes it’s gradual or sometimes it’s quick and brutal. Mostly it makes me feel old to realize things have changed so much over the years and continue to change whether I want them to or not. My goodness, you are such a prolific writer writing this and NaNoWriMo, too. Good luck with it! I thought about doing it but I’ve tried it before and never finished so I decided to stick with the NoMo Challenge instead.

    1. Thank you Cathy! Actually, this year has been hectic, and I was sitting on the fence….then I thought, I write anyway, so why not go the whole hog! 🙂 This is my first time with NoMo – and ties in nicely with the NaBloPoMo. I am not going to stress over completing anything…just keep writing instead. After all, these challenges are meant to motivate us, right? 🙂 Hugs!

      Funny thing is, after I wrote this post, I went for a walk yesterday and saw yet another structure coming down – I know what you mean by feeling old! 🙂

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