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99 things I love

Such fond memories of making gratitude lists with you, Mi! Every time I felt low, you quietly passed me the pad and pencil you always had by your side and simply said “Write”. And I did. I am not sure when it became a habit to automatically list things I was grateful for, and am not even sure when was the first time you suggested it to me, but it is a habit I’ve come to treasure and cherish.

For fun, today, I am making a list of 99 things I love in response to the Friday Reflections prompt! More than anything I am curious to see when I’ll have to pause and think. I am setting a 15 minute timer and here I go!

99 things I love

    1. My son’s smile and sudden burst of laughter when he’s reading or watching something funny. Delightful.
    2. My son singing.
    3. My husband’s singing and fabulous sense of humor
    4. Cuddling up with my husband. Yep.
    5. Watching TV – preferably comedies, with my son and crime and police procedurals with Sury. I love our shared sense of humor!
    6. My home, such as it is.
    7. My son’s drawings.
    8. Pop corn. And the look of anticipation on my son’s face when the air is filled with the aroma, and the glee when he receives his BIG bowl.
    9. Samosas. Can’t eat them now. So what. Still love them. I can inhale them and watch my son enjoy them!
    10. My playmates, the dust bunnies. Yeah, can’t beat them – so I am joining them!
    11. ​My nostrils flaring sensitively as they pick up the whiff of the first coffee of the day, making my soul smile
    12. The sound of my ancient coffee filter, older than I am, quietly and efficiently percolating with a musical tip, tip, tip…
    13. ​My lamp.
    14. My coffee glass – which is older than I am
    15. The crunch of salad – just thinking of it makes me drool!
    16. the sight of the vegetable vendor as he pushes his cart and calls out to people to come and buy
    17. Childhood memories
    18. Rasam. Enough said.
    19. My Mom’s cooking and the love she served it with – and now, I try my best to make it the same way!
    20. Time with my friends, without having to worry about saying the right things
    21. My scooter – I miss it so much
    22. My Mom’s diary and discovering little notes in various places around the house when I least expect it.
    23. My sports shoes. The ones I have right now are the best I’ve had, thanks to my best friend who bought them for me, guessing my size and gifted them to me when I visited.
    24. The pressure cooker. Absolute champ, this one. Fill it, shut it, forget it for 15 minutes – open to see perfectly cooked food. I consider this a miracle!
    25. My spectacles. They make my world so much brighter
    26. My camera. Capturing memories.
    27. The smell of the rain hitting the earth
    28. The champa flower petals covering the ground around the tree and the fragrance they spread in the air – always reminds me of the quote forgiveness/crushed flower
    29. ​Eavesdropping on children’s conversation
    30. Vanilla ice cream. Can’t eat it now. Can’t stop me thinking of it!
    31. Pretty lingerie. Total fetish! Absolute feel-good!
    32. The colors orange, black, deep pink, blue and red. And yellow. And grey. I probably like them all because I am colorblind!
    33. Rohinton Mistry’s books
    34. Peter Falk’s Columbo – can watch him over and over
    35. A big fat book to read.
    36. Writing in my diary.
    37. The texture of a baby’s skin and the sound of her delightful gurgling when she’s cuddled.
    38. ​Fragrance of freshly washed clothes.
    39. The breeze bringing home the fragrance of my neighbor’s incense sticks.
    40. The sight of an egg laid by my pigeon. My? Ew. But yes, there’s joy in a new life!
    41. The smell of a new book. Love to dip my nose into a random page and sniff.
    42. The sight of the empty kitchen sink, especially when I didn’t do the washing.
    43. DIY – I love to tinker with stuff. I am the official fixer-upper at home.
    44. New clothes. Solid clothes fetish!
    45. Curd rice. Best comfort food ever!
    46. Chatting with my flower lady.
    47. Listening to the radio – I still do! And get just as excited as I did decades ago when a song I love is about to play!
    48. The sound of my landline ringing on Fridays because I know who’s calling.
    49. Writing for a living. Loving it!
    50. Fountain pens. Okay, I am a stationery junkie. Have enough to last me a lifetime, probably.
    51. Cooking – so therapeutic. Trying new recipes.
    52. Distributing food to the folks who sit outside the temple.
    53. Housework – equally therapeutic. Washing, Laundry, Mopping. Everything. The works.
    54. Painting, sketching.
    55. My sewing machine – belonged to my Mom. I love that I can make things with it.
    56. Recycling  – turning waste into wealth. Grew up in a frugal family so it is in my genes. Waste not, want not.
    57. Blowing soap bubbles.
    58. Laughter.
    59. Children singing their prayers at my local welfare home.
    60. Wearing a brand new T-shirt. Best feeling ever.
    61. The fragrance of phulka rotis – so appetizing!
    62. ​Visiting temples​, especially the deserted ones. So peaceful and so much pride in my heritage.
    63. Memories​ – best way to uplift the spirit!
    64. The sight of my blood sugar results when they are in range.
    65. The aroma of freshly cooked Basmati rice. Instantly appetizing, like walking past a bakery.
    66. Junk jewelry – preferably copper/wood/beads. Love freaky finger rings too.
    67. Perfume.
    68. Tea with my family, chatting and joking with them.
    69. Walking on my terrace. There’s not a day when I am not grateful for the clean space, fresh air and connection with nature.
    70. Birthdays – oh I love them! Others’ and mine equally!
    71. Real stories about kindness, compassion, generosity and bravery against all odds. So inspiring
    72. Talking. A colleague at work once told me that if I were to be quiet for 5 whole minutes, I would die. I am used to silence now, but that observation still makes me laugh!
    73. 80s rock. Love to blast it full volume as I tackle my housework on Monday mornings. It is so energizing!
    74. Receiving and sending snail mail and greeting cards
    75. My pigeons. I know. Love-hate. But love scores, every time. After all, they do keep me company.
    76. My oven – I still can’t get over how well all my baked stuff has turned out, so far!
    77. Making lists, obviously. My to-do lists are the secret of my success.
    78. Inspiring quotes. I am a quote junkie and I love it
    79. My mobile phone making communication so convenient on the go. Especially after growing up in a house with no telephone until 1995!
    80. Cream. So yummy! So fattening! So what! And while we’re at it, I may as well mention condensed milk. Mmm.
    81. Receiving client payments on time. Had my share of bad experiences, which makes me appreciate those who are punctual all the more.
    82. Internet. Oh, the possibilities! Instant gratification with information search and making it possible for me to actually have a career working from home.
    83. A challenging project. So stimulating.
    84. Wild flowers in an unkempt garden where the birds are at home and free. So charming. So natural.
    85. Comic books. Just read somewhere that today is World Comic Day! I have my stack of Phantom, Mandrake, Sad Sack and MADs to read!
    86. Blogging and blog hops.
    87. Walking around the local market especially during festival time when we can see all sorts of unusual ware we would never otherwise see! I look forward to those times and love the happy memories associated with them
    88. Getting caught in the rain and eating ice cream in cold weather
    89. An unexpected and unannounced visit from a close friend
    90. Prince. Phil Collins. Yeah! Any time playlist. And Jeff Goldblum. Ooh. Among others, of course. Like Simon Baker.
    91. Fantasizing. Dreaming. And yes, some have come true!
    92. My computer – because my friends live in it.
    93. A nice long bath.
    94. Shopping. Even window shopping will do. I just love it. Must be the variety!
    95. Travel – seeing new places. So wonderful.
    96. Movies. Total movie buff!
    97. Learning languages. Blessed with an aptitude for them and know at least 8.
    98. Mondays. Really. I love the start of a new week! So full of possibilities!
    99. Deadlines. Love the pressure and the challenge! And the sense of achievement as I meet them!
    100. Watching the sunrise/sunset. Glorious.
    101. Trees. I love trees. Leafy ones, bare ones. They tell so many stories.
    102. My routine.
    103. Hugs.
    104. Jeans

I so enjoyed making this list for this week’s Friday Reflections, a fun blog hop co-hosted by the gorgeous Janine Ripper and Mackenzie Glanville who are champions at coming up with wonderful prompts!

This week’s prompts are:

– Write a ’99 things I love’ list – I chose this!
– Are you an introvert or an extravert? What difference has it made in your life? Discuss.
– What is your favorite thing in the world to do? Why?
– Reflect on the following quote: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle
Bonus prompt: Look back over the previous prompts and choose to write on one you haven’t written about yet.

friday reflections
Join us, please!

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20 thoughts on “99 things I love

  1. Fabulous list and I feel mine is similar. This was my first time too writing a list like this and it was fun 🙂 🙂

  2. I think my list was sort of similar…it made me smile writing this and reading yours. 🙂

  3. Such a beautiful list!! This “My nostrils flaring sensitively as they pick up the whiff of the first coffee of the day, making my soul smile” made me smile, and curd rice and rasam my favourite too! 🙂

  4. You already know I am partial to this blog more than the other two you own. Your posts here always make me soo happy, the teary happy kinds 🙂
    And Vidya I thought I wouldn’t be able to go through all 99 but they simply flowed as I read, and yes I finished them all with loads of nods 🙂

  5. I am sure glad you wrote number 86 as I love that you take part and always make me smile. You are such a beautiful lady which shows through your list. So glad I have you as part of my week every week #Fridayreflections

  6. What a wonderful list. Just seeing all these things to love makes me realize how much I’m not noticing. It’s a good idea to write things down as they strike you before the moment is lost. Hugs.

  7. You know Vidya what your list tells me? It talks to me of brightness, sunshine, laughter and positivity 🙂 I think I’m going to make a list of my own too, what say?

    1. Thank you Kaarina! Just read your list. So lovely! I have an ongoing list in my book! 🙂 I find it amazingly therapeutic to go back and read. Hugs!

      1. Hugs back at’cha, and thanks so much for the absolutely lovely comment you made over on my blog post. I’ve now written the “magical” sentence and will keep it at my desk for extra inspiration on days when I need it. Your words and support mean so much.

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