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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Sifting through

I was reorganizing my cupboard today. And what a pleasurable job that is! Hours and hours of interrupted fun. Yep, I had to keep attending to the kitchen and other parts of the house. I was a maniac with keeping the kitchen sink empty. It is always funny how I get so much more done when I am under time pressure.

The clearing up bug bit me real hard last night as I lay, musing, before I drifted off to sleep, Mi. One thing I couldn’t wait to get to after I woke up this morning was the fridge. I was gratified to see the curry leaves nicely dried up. I put it in an airtight see-through container – and placed it where I can see it in the kitchen. I am still amazed how fresh it tastes in the dish. Hail Tanu! The guilt about having to throw that bunch of curry leaves will always haunt me!

While out in the evening for a walk, I went via that 11th cross store where we used to regularly buy veggies and I was excited to see large baskets of avocados! I am planning to go there on Wednesday and buy some, since I already bought some the day before yesterday. It is rather nice to go out on a walk and come back with a couple of things from the vendors on the way. Did I tell you the flower lady has moved to another place? I haven’t seen her for a while. She had shifted from 9th to 11th cross – then seems to have disappeared – perhaps to an area with more customers. The greens fellow is still there, though, near the Nandini booth.

There is this cute place near the Krishna temple that sells fabulous baingan subzi and different types of rotis. Very yum. I always think that if we have unexpected visitors I ought to run there and pack some food – except I haven’t gotten around to it. You know these things!

By the way, I got a rather nice skirt – wraparound type with the kalamkari print. Looks very nice and feels good to wear it too! So – I’ve restored some semblance of order in my cupboard. That cream cupboard is still a challenge. It is really weird how – when it is shut we hardly open it unless we need something – rarely. Yet, so hard to chuck things out. Problem is, when I open it and sit down to sort the stuff out, I just directly seem to take a one way ticket to nostalgia land – and that’s so hard to come out of, much less discard the memories. I know, I know – I have started the process of taking photos of everything – so much easier to store than the physical stuff. So glad Vidur is wiser – he realizes that heart-space is adequate, bless him.

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