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Hands On

For some reason I keep on getting recommendations for atta dough makers, Mi. I must have been silly enough to look at the range somewhere and my fleeting browsing habit must have been picked up by the browsers that be.

I am always amused at the variety of them available – ranging from less than Rs.100 to well past a thousand. The review is also pretty much “variety” hinging on love-hate. While the idea of a machine to convert flour into dough appeals to me, somehow I cannot imagine feeling happy about it doing half the job, leaving half to me – picking up the sticky lumps, bashing them into shape and then – cleaning the equipment. So much more work. I’d rather just do it manually for as long as I can.

Reminds me of that time we bought that roti maker on impulse. Gosh, do you remember how fascinated we were when we saw it at the exhibition? The guy was literally producing full-blown fulka after fulka and the air was fragrant with the aroma of ready to eat roti – and they tasted pretty good too. I mean, we could see them preparing the dough as we watched, shaping them into balls and placing them on the rotimaker’s surface, pressing down and voila! the top rose to gently pop out the full fulka.


When we acquired one, it didn’t work that way for us. I still laugh at how excited we were at the prospect of using it. The subzi was ready. Vidur and you were waiting for tasty fulkas. I had the dough ready and rolled into balls just as the instructions said. Sadly, the rotis didn’t turn into fulkas. They were just lumpy thick half-cooked roti-like things that were difficult to eat. It was getting later and along with our frustration grew our hunger. Finally, after wasting atta, getting that BP up and annoyed, we just gave up. I got out the rolling pin and quickly made the rotis.

It was a good thing we could return the equipment and get a refund, no? Sigh.

Nice to have machines to do things – but sometimes manual is so much less messier, not to mention easier to do!

Still…I’d like to see an atta-maker in action. Just curious you know.

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  1. Love the post. I feel in a way it’s a flip side of technology which replaces the beauty of kneading the wheat with the hands which is another feeling:) Though, it’s interesting in cutting cost and time when making huge scale.

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