Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Floating Along

I keep proving over and over again that I function best when I am under pressure – internal pressure that is, Mi! I remember how you used to be constantly amused at how I totally reveled in being ultra busy. I am going through that sort of time now and am loving it – most of the time. Why most of the time? Because, much as I hate to admit it, I think my stamina levels are slightly lower. I do not have the energy I used to have. Body slowing down, I know. I mean, who would have thought? Did you ever think I’d grow older?

Days are hectic with Vidur busy preparing for various entrance tests. We are trying our best to take care of the little things that make him happy and also keep assuring him that he’s free to pursue what appeals to him. Imagine – in a couple of months he’ll settle down somewhere and life will return to a routine.

In the meantime, the CBSE results are expected next week! I had a long chat with Uma yesterday when she was reminiscing over that time when her girls went through the process with advice galore from various sources – she was telling me how important it is to use our own heads when we make decisions. I had to agree with that one!

I am just making a fresh to-do list and am wondering if I need one of those rolls of paper because it seems so never ending. A roll would be good – also because I can rip off the parts that are done while constantly adding to it. How funny that is to visualize, eh? And for your bonus amusement – you’ll roll with laughter to see some of the things I wrote down when you were around are still on my list. What to do? Never-ending!

Can you believe our coffee filter went smart on me this morning? The little creep. I had to actually wait while I cut the kundru for the subzi for Sury’s dubba, all the while recalling a past occasion when the kundru gave us a headache, taking its own sweet time to cook. Remember how we would then pressure cook it and then prepare the curry? I would have done that today, but didn’t want to use the pressure cooker as I had not planned what else to keep in it. As it happened, the kundru behaved itself. On impulse, just before switching off, I added a dash of the curry leaf powder, thinking of T and how she used to do the same.

Uh oh. It is that time when I have to make the dosai milagai podi, Mi! I guess I’ll do it tomorrow since it is a Fri-day. Eh? Yep – I also want to make coconut thuvaiyal and chutney – so frying shall be on Friday.

Now am waiting for Vidur to take a break so we can have lunch. Not dying of hunger since I had a nice kadak coffee a few minutes ago! I may as well get started on cutting the salad eh?

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