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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Oh My Goddess!

​It is one of those hectic days when I feel weary, Mi. Did I tell you Vidur’s exams have started? Yes, the finals! They started off with English.

We got home at 2.30 pm and were having lunch. I browsed TV channels and found Bruce Almighty was on. Now you know I am a big fan of Jim Carrey and was laughing my head off at his shenanigans. He’s just amazing!

I finished my lunch quickly and was contemplating doing the dishes when a thought occurred to me. Imagine being God. Okay, Goddess. Imagine recreating the world as I wanted it! You know what I’d do for a start?

Yes, yes, I’ve adjusted my halo and have my magic wand poised to grant

…a world without borders
…a peaceful world
…an addiction-free world
…one world, one mother-tongue, one government
…a world without envy and strife
…a world without wars
…a world without crime
…a world without anger
…a world that knows no terrorism
…a world without gender discrimination
…a world where people respect each other
…a world without greed
…a world where species do not go extinct
…a world without racism
…a world without religions
…a world with equal opportunity for all
…a world without corruption
…a world without suffering
…a world without sadness
a world without disease
…a world without poverty
…a world where everyone is entitled to healthcare
…a world with miracles
…a world where everyone is happy
a world where women and children feel safe
…a world without bullying
…a world without disability
…a world filled with generosity
…a world where people are conscious about the environment
…a world where history and culture is preserved for future generations
a world with a reset button


…no child below the age of 5 shall fall sick
…everyone shall have food, clothing and shelter
…everyone cares about everyone
…no one is on the streets / homeless
…no one fights over another person
…everyone has the right to education
…everyone is law-abiding
…everyone has the freedom of expression
…everyone is tolerant
…everyone is supportive of each other
…people don’t belittle or hurt one another
…there is no such thing as failure
…doctors have divine powers of healing

In short, a world full of love, consideration, compassion, empathy, kindness.

Okay, a world with a magic wand that took care of housework!

And where Sury proves the Riemann Hypothesis.

And the Forrest Gump is around.

I can dream, right? And you and I know that dreams do come true!

I guess I’ll settle for an episode of The Big Bang Theory for now! After I wake up from my dream and do the dishes, that is!

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