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The Going Gets Tough

So that fateful morning started off hectic and proceeded to get worse. I kicked it off with slicing my thumb. Yep. Was making kundru (ivy gourd – who knew!) and just began to cut it, when I recalled how easy it was to slice it – and save so much time. So I found the slicer – we hardly use it – scrubbed it carefully and got going.

Kundru 1 – no problem.

Kundru 2 didn’t seem too happy and turned out partial slices – and you know how annoying that is when it is not a round slice but broken with trailing skin.

I readjusted the blade and swiped the kundru across it and as I was about to repeat the action, I was shocked to see blood on the blade. Seconds later the pain hit me and I yelped. Ewwww. One deep cut to the thumb. I so did not need that, what with having a difficult time thanks to the swollen middle finger in that hand. That finger has been painful for a while now and somehow I’ve managed to carry on. When I showed it to the doc during my visit last week, she suggested taking something – and me, being me, said no, I can manage.

Sigh. I so cannot manage sometimes. The thumb has been throbbing in pain. Even the simplest actions are difficult until the pain eases off. I am afraid to bandaid it because I am allergic to the medication on it. Funny how we never realize how much we need a finger until it is out of commission. And the cut on the thumb? Gets in the way of every single thing!

I am chugging on … because you know how it is when we take some time off from scheduled things – they just pile up and cause more stress than we can handle. So I am being like the trusted tortoise, slowly and steadily tackling stuff.

Can you believe I actually ordered cut vegetables for two days? That painful!

Funny thing – when I bought the kundru last week, I was thinking of all those times we used to specifically go to that 11th cross store where they got this absolutely fresh and delicious variety from their farm. Sigh.

Today I felt rather proud of myself as I managed to knead dough for the roti for lunch.

Will power is such a friend, no? Who’d know that better than you!

You know what they say…when the going gets tough… 🙂 The tough have coffee!


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4 thoughts on “The Going Gets Tough

    1. 🙂 I like to think the pain will get sick of me and leave.
      Ready made chapatis are good for an emergency – somehow in my mind this didn’t seem like an emergency. Also? Have to go and get them. It takes less time to make them 🙂

  1. That must be really painful and troubling. Did you to put Haldi on it? It does help though being diabetic it will take a lot of time.
    Plus typing must be a pain 🙁
    Stay tough and strong.

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