Following That Heart

Sometimes, even if it is justified in holding us back, our logical mind can be quite the enemy, Mi. It freaks me out when my heart really wants to do something, but is hesitant to venture forth. I can hear my brain scream at me, telling me to think, think again, slow down and stick to what I am used to. Remember Henry, from Oswald? Just like always!

So maybe there’s safety inside the comfort zone. Maybe I am wasting time worrying about the consequences of following my heart.

But passion is a weird thing. It keeps tugging at those heart strings, eating at my brain, nudging it until it will have no choice but to give in.

Trying new things is scary, but listening to that voice within makes my heart sing. And from experience I can say some of those moments are the most memorable.

Without passion, happiness is practically impossible, no? You would be the first to testify to that.

This time, like most times, I am listening to my heart. It feels good. It is not easy, but it feels good.

1 thought on “Following That Heart”

  • What does your heart say?

    Maybe it says weigh the consequences before you reject your impulses!

    Do not jump to conclusions, remember the fun you used to have when you let your heart rule as a teenager.

    Some may call it the experimental and others just simply mental, whatever, that one single stage of your life as a teenager has always been the most favourite, I bet!

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