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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Keeping Up With The Momentum

The day once again dawned bright and clear, Mi. Very bright and clear, actually, because I overslept. Then I got over the guilt quickly since it is a holiday today, and snuggled in for a few minutes more, eyes open, contemplating, my head busy making my to-do list for the day. Finally I threw off the covers and got out of bed. What is it about that time in the morning when we have to get up but don’t feel like?

With a strong cup of coffee inside me, I tackled the study again. Today I went past the forest and focused on the trees. One corner at a time is how I decided to do it. I chose the quadrant of the room where we keep the computer. I already had a plan to reorganize that space and I got going with it, removing all the stuff we didn’t need there. What a big difference a few moves makes. Hehe, as if you didn’t know! I also did some housekeeping with the tangle of wires all over the place and organized them, tagged them and mainly, took them off the ground so we could clean easily.

Guess which stool I used to sit on while I sweated over the back of the CPU? Shnu’s bath stool! Still a solid little thing. I’ve now released it from its duty of holding the spike buster. Okay, so it used to keep hitting me in the shin and that is very painful. So my first goal was to get it outta there. I did. I dusted, swept and swabbed and that corner of the room now looks nice! Must add a curtain to the permanently closed window now, thanks to the paint job on the building – they painted with the windows shut and now they refuse to open. Luckily our verandah door is always open and that suits us nicely since the ventilator is also there for cross ventilation.

Tomorrow I plan to sift through the boxes of papers after lunch, which is the time of day when I feel drowsy. Or maybe I’ll tackle the other corner, which will be relatively easier compared to today’s space.

Either way, I am pleased with myself. I had a nice long bath afterwards, and to celebrate, scrubbed the bathroom floor. I find that scotch-brite is like magic to scrub the floor 😀 Luckily it is available in larger sized sheets, too.

For lunch, I decided to make tinda and onion curry and phulkas as I had cleared up the sink in the morning and didn’t want to fill it up again. The great thing about roti-subzi-salad meals is the reduced washing up! We lazed off in the afternoon watching a Perry Mason episode and then I altered a pair of trousers.

I love housework. Which is why it s probably the happiest kind of work with the least complication. And let’s not forget the instant gratification! More to come tomorrow as the saga continues since I’ve moved a lot of the mess into the kitchen. Bwahahaha!


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