Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


The sun seems to be shining again, Mi, albeit weakly.

This morning I got the computer fixed. I didn’t worry about data. I figured we’d have or retrieve what we needed. Funny how death and related grief give us such a different perspective on life. Our priorities shift. The things that ate at us don’t seem so hungry any more. We start asking, will this really matter? And the quick answer is no.

My tummy feels better today. Four hours without a visit to the loo is worth celebrating, no?

For the computer, I luckily got a good guy to clean it up and after the innards of the CPU were checked, I reinstalled the OS and got it going again. Now I have the long time consuming and tedious job of finding and reinstalling all the essential programs we use.  We take so much for granted! I am thinking this is a good wake up call to put back only what we need.

The good thing is I cleaned up the room as the guy worked. I have now stacked some stuff in a corner to look through before I discard or donate I’ll get through it after I am caught up with my pending stuff. That to-do list keeps on growing eh? Because no matter how many unexpected things crop up, life does go on and priorities do not change. They simply rearrange themselves. They do not go away. But I’ll get to it all, eventually. I know I will.

Persistent. That’s my middle name, you know.

I feel quite exhausted today. I am wishing I had someone make dinner for me today. Then I think, nah, I am cool with that. I must replenish my salad veggies – this week I didn’t go veg shopping when I was supposed to thanks to the news we’ve been dealing with and the other minor issues that cropped up, that had to be dealt with. Still, we managed to eat healthy. Like you, I relied on the grains to feed us along with some veggies and fruits I had had the good sense to stock up on when I walked back from school one day.

As I head to bed now, I go with guilt for not finishing some of the things I had planned for today. Their carrying over to tomorrow will mean they’ll cut into tomorrow’s time…but what to do? It is already late and I must be up early.

Oh well, tomorrow will be another day. A brighter day, I hope.

After darkness, there’s always light, no?

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