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When God Shopped Online

Mi, do you think God shops online? I don’t know, but let’s imagine that he does.

God was in his heaven and all was right with the world.

Or so he thought and decided to take a nap.

Suddenly he heard a ping from his email service.

God shopping online

Deciding to take just one last look before settling in for his snooze, he woke up his inbox. Sure enough, there was an email from a site called binge shop online offering him an interview and a link to his blog along with an assured prize if he wrote a post about his shopping experience through their site.

He smiled and scratched his beard, absentmindedly allowing his mind to wander and making a mental note to visit the celestial saloon later in the week t get with the beard shampoo, perhaps on Thursday to avoid the weekend rush.

Then, he decided to spend just a little more time online. After all, the Internet addiction spares no one. Not even God. Anyway, sleep eluded him. Thanks to the Internet, he could do whatever he wanted 24 x 7.

So he settled down in anticipation for some retail therapy. After all, he carried the world on his shoulders and had a really long list that was longer than Hanuman’s tail, which is infinite.

And so he decided to check the shopping website to see how he could save time, money, and effort.

He opened the site link and was delighted to find his favorite stores listed there. Wait a minute, are they going to actually make my life easy and show me everything in one place?

Happy, God took a quick look at the web page that was open before him.

Ongoing deals. Great
Trending Products. Good

Always glad to save money, God decided to check out the ongoing deals. The top of the page listed all the steps to claim “cashback” credit. As he scrolled down the page, he was pleased to see almost all his favorite brands and stores on the same page!.

He decided to start with his favorite brand as he had a list of birthdays coming up and wishlists to tackle.

So he clicked the “view all deals” under his favorite brand’s logo and was directed to a page showing Coupons and Cashback Offers. He could choose from coupons or from products. He clicked coupons to see how it would work and was taken to the merchant’s site where he could add things to his bag as usual and check out. The cashback would be tracked in 48 hours into his own account. Not bad!

Now it was time to check the “products” option. There was plenty to choose from.

Before he knew it, the hours had ticked by. It had been time well spent, with plenty of savings – both time and money. His shopping carts had been ordered. Items added to his wishlist for future reference.

Satisfied, he sat back and flexed his fingers. He could do with a good neck massage. Maybe the website had an offer on that too? No harm in checking it out.

He mused on what he had discovered. The sheer numbers in terms of products was mind-boggling and he had to be careful not to get sidetracked all the time. Oh, the problem of abundance! The website people had done a thorough job of trying to please everyone who visited. Many people had shared products on the site too, which was an interesting feature. After all, nothing like testimonials to help you buy a product, right?

This website had certainly made it easy to search for what he wanted. What could be better than being paid to shop?

Happy to have enhanced his online shopping experience, God decided to finally relax and get his forty winks. He had to be up in time to rise the sun! And after that, he would share his experience on social media!

vidya sury shopping


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Vidya Sury

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5 thoughts on “When God Shopped Online

  1. Ha ha…even He can’t resist online shopping, eh? Addictive stuff, ain’t it? 🙂

  2. I simply loved this! It was so creative…and just fun! I can imagine God doesn’t have a limit on his credit card either. 😀

  3. Hi Vidya,
    Is this another blog of yours ? Happy to find this one.
    Don’t Gods bargain in offline shopping :-)? Also as God is doing e-commerce, he must be having am e-mail address. Please share if you have. A nice and hilarious post…

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