Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

The week that was…

…and which, at times, left me feeling rather weak. As we got carried away with various things in the real world – also known as “offline” 🙂 blogging took a hit in the list of priorities. I did update Going A-Musing and Your Medical Guide – in the midst of:

  • upgrading the OS of my desktop computer
  • reformatting my laptop and reinstalling its OS
  • changing the entire faucet system in both the bathrooms
  • getting the fan regulators changed
  • writing guest posts for B’Khush
  • writing for Quips and Tips
  • writing for a couple of new clients
  • being invited to draw the lots for this year’s admission at Vidur’s school
  • clinicom.

…all of the above happily sprinkled with power cuts.

Hmm. Seems like a lot of things when listed like that. Oh yes, it was a lot of things! And what fun it has been! I also cleaned up the pooja room, revamping it with a new arrangement – and it looks much cooler. The brass stuff shines like gold. 🙂 How my Mom would have constantly cuddled me and told me what a great job I’ve done! I really miss that. She’d notice every little thing. I have also rearranged part of the kitchen to show off some of the new bowls and mugs I bought recently. An indulgence I know. But what the heck. Only live once. Or twice. :-D. To my credit though, I have given away a lot of stuff.

I am saving the best thing for last: Vidur got his results, topped his class and is now officially in Std 9. Reminded me of last year, when we went to get his Std. 7 results and I automatically picked up my phone to dial home and tell Mom – only to realize that I would be calling an empty house. This year I successfully controlled the tears. But I know she’s watching over us, making us feel wonderful by living in our hearts.

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