Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Three-day break!

What bliss. Seems like a big boon with three days off from school for Vidur. Of course, exams are approaching in a couple of weeks, but that’s cool since the time can be used – at least some of it – for studying. Got a long list of things to do. Have a series of distributions to do.

Most of yesterday morning went in phone conversations, extremely pleasant ones. Ratan was wonderful to talk to; just imagine remembering stuff we did back in ’92! What fun. Then there was the Clinicom meeting, which is always something to look forward to.  I actually anticipate Chetana’s call around 11 ish on those days! Funnily enough – I even get quite a bit done around the house. The magic of pressure!

What with the weather kind of dull for work, but beautiful to loaf around – hardly feel like working. To add to this feeling, I now have loads of books to read, that am dying to. Big bonanza – some library closed shop and sold off its books to the paperwala, who in turn disposed them off to crazies like me. 🙂 And once I start reading one, I can’t put it down until the end. What bliss. I just finished a James Patterson book “When the wind blows” and quite enjoyed it. Sometimes it is nice to read a slowish book or watch a slowish movie. Goes with the drowsy mood.

And life goes on.

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