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Wanted Alive AND Dead!

I am going nuts with the pressure to do ‘last rites’ because the ‘saastram‘ says so. Every day mama calls – he says: you carried out your mother’s last wish. Now you have to succumb to the family’s wishes. Why? because ‘everyone’ is asking. Ah, so the pressure is not from within, but from the environment.

Mi, I have only one question. Where was ‘saastram‘ when you were alive? Why did it not prompt people to inquire after your health even when they knew you were going through bad health times? How come they just changed the topic whenever you wanted to talk about a recent hospitalization? How come they only wanted you when you were healthy so that they could take advantage of your ability to do things? Okay – that’s quite a few questions, not one.

And now that you are gone, they still can’t leave you alone. They want you to respect their wishes!. Remember how we used to laugh over ” we go to their house, get treated badly. they come to our house, we get treated badly”. I find it disgusting that we were practically suckered through life and put up with all that crap.

Not quite the Valentine’s Day post one might expect – but hey, you know you are in our hearts – and you would have loved to read some of the condolence messages that came in for you. We love you – and that’s a fact. For the others, its a ‘give and take’ relationship. YOU give, THEY take!!  And that is their equation of justice. I just can’t help ranting away like this. Who else will I do it with?

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3 thoughts on “Wanted Alive AND Dead!

  1. Wow! One hard kick on the rear was needed and you’ve dealt it very well – now please pass on the link to all concerned! I’m proud of you – it is a Valentine’s Day post alright – you’re showing some love to you, girl! And Mom is cheering from the sidelines!
    Hugs and love -as always

  2. I am surprised that your dear friend didn’t share with you the three golden words that we find so very useful in situations like this – nako, piss off

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