Truly Alive

Truly Alive

Time lost, moments missed
Words unsaid spill on paper
All that’s left is hope

Unshed tears, eyes red
Heartbroken, heavy with grief
Peace of mind, a dream

Music floods choked brain
Blending notes, playing havoc
Orchestrating pain

Life‘s rainbow hues glow
Painting laughter, joy, fears
Hope returns anew

Memories rush in
Eliminate solitude
Sunshine streams again

Soothing words, warm hugs
Wrap my mind, reassure me
My soul smiles with love

Motivation blooms
Happiness fills dark corners
Whispering, “have faith”

Nostalgic rain dance
Drenches hungry thoughts lazing
In the mind’s playground

Pink colored glasses
Make faded forgotten scenes
Come truly alive

This is a set of ten haikus for the prompt “Truly Alive”

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