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Ambitious Goals

As the deadline I set myself draws nearer, I am thinking, planning, making lists, Mi. I really want to accomplish what I’ve noted down by October 31, or at least get as close to doing it as possible. Ten things I must finish this coming week: Tackle the 7 coconuts...


Some Days!

I tell you, some days are just a total washout. Today, after I went and got veggies and groceries, I was all set to follow my list and check off the items and feel good. So okay, lists always make me feel good! Just the fact that I’ve got it...


Testing Times

Today marks the beginning of testing times for Vidur. Exam season, which will extend for the next six months or so. This is the first one setting the pace for the rest of them. Today is also school reopening day after the ten day Navaratri holiday. After he left, I...


Something We Should Have Done

Mi, here is a lovely quote by Meryl Streep that you will love. I wish we had both pledged to do this. Life was such a struggle, where our achievements were diminished or hushed and our shortcomings magnified. But  I am glad we had each other. Here is the quote:...


Crying Into My Coffee

Bit of a whirlwind these days, Mi. But I must admit, not spending time online can be a big relief sometimes. It lifts an invisible pressure off and literally lets the fresh air in. One thing you would have really loved that happened last week was the Sri Satyanarayana puja...


Life, that four letter word

So am heading towards one month of diabetes – on March 8. How funny. International Women’s Day. Discovery day was Feb 8. I was so keen to do something amazing and of course – you know me. I decided to do myself a favor and get a full health check...

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