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I have lost it

And I don’t know how, Mi. Not complaining really…but a little surprised nevertheless. The good news is I don’t have to alter the bag of clothes I’ve been procrastinating over for months now. The bad news is all the clothes I’ve bought since are a size too large. Okay, so...


Precious Memories


Here’s my post: a 6 word story “Lonely little shoe. Owner in heaven”.   Forgive me, readers. That’s the truth. Memories hurt.


Little Did She Know

55 fiction vidya sury

I love writing 55 fiction. You may not believe me when I say this, but packing a story or event into 55 words is a delightful exercise. Here are my three 55 fiction pieces. The last goodbye She was in unbearable pain. I finally convinced her we had to admit...


A Rush Of Memories

vidya sury

A rush of memories I have a little sister I do not know her name We do share a parent Well, that’s a bloody shame One day I was waiting For the dean to return Idly contemplating The mystic bamboo fern Just then I saw two men They walked towards...


That Blessing In Disguise

hanuman blessing in disguise vidya sury

Somehow the trip materialized, our tickets got confirmed. We went. Had a glorious time. Visited some old haunts. En route to our destination on day 3, we landed at the Tadbund Hanuman Temple. My eyes brimmed with tears, thinking of that December back in 1996 when we visited it every...


Playing Catch Up

Coffee with mi vidya sury

So Mi, I think I’ve gone completely crazy. I spent November writing my heart (and perhaps other organs) out. I am continuing to do the same in December because I am on a roll and you know what happens when that happens. When my mind is made up, nothing deters...

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