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Time for Coffee #weekendcoffeeshare

Time for coffee

Mi, if we were having coffee–as we used to, at least four times a day–I would always have so much to tell you. I smile at the thought of Sury constantly puzzled by what we could possibly have, to talk about, all the time. Obviously a lifetime wasn’t enough. Right...


Tuning in

Tuning in to doing what makes me happy, being with who makes me smile.

You know one of those days when the alarm goes off and you get up but continue to sit with your eyes closed, feet half in and half out of the house slippers? Yes, today is that day for me, Mi. As I opened my eyes and dragged myself to...


Coffee, Scrubbing, Painting

vidya sury coffee with mi

Whenever I have a cup of instant coffee I really shouldn’t be having in the afternoon, but can’t resist, I fondly remember our “4 o’clock” ritual. You’d see  me looking harassed and quickly heat the milk and bring me a steaming yellow mug of coffee that you’d insist I dropped whatever...


Cutting Coffee

  • fulka

Gasp! What? Why? Don’t be so alarmed, Mi. ​So I just found a way to enjoy my morning coffee, twice. You know how we used to think that the subsequent cups never tasted like the first one? Haha. I’ve hacked that by splitting the first mega-tumbler into two parts. Then...


Fall Bucket List #SITSBlogging

I like to think we’re enjoying “Fall” right now, Mi. The ground is covered with flowers wherever there’s a tree and when I step out early in the morning, it is lovely to see yellow, pink and cream everywhere. Remember how Vidur and you would return home from your walks...


Crying Into My Coffee

Bit of a whirlwind these days, Mi. But I must admit, not spending time online can be a big relief sometimes. It lifts an invisible pressure off and literally lets the fresh air in. One thing you would have really loved that happened last week was the Sri Satyanarayana puja...


Coffee With Mi, Close To My Heart

coffee with mi

Today’s flavor is a nonet, Mi. Yep – a nine-liner. My best coffees have been with you, Mi. Okay, my eyes just glazed over. Sigh! “I believe in love at first sight, because I’ve loved my Mom ever since I opened my eyes” Coffee With Mi Coffee Fragrance gently invades...

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