Life is about give and take

You know, Mi, each​ time I think of the phrase ‘give and take‘ I can’t help thinking of T’s Dad. I would go looking for her and while entering her house, see her Dad sitting in the porch. He would call out to T to say “Bunny’s here” and then...


Something Fresh on the Skyline

I am combining two prompts today – Skyline and Something Fresh, Mi! You know, during our recent trip to Toronto, you might as well have been there with us, since we talked about you non-stop. How could we not! Every sight we saw, everything we ate, every place we visited...


Kindness is always possible

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible” I learned only a couple of years ago that is a quote by the Dalai Lama. Kindness is something you’ve always encouraged in me, along with compassion, Mi. Even though we barely scraped through the month, you always assured me we were...



I am happily using the prompts for the August Photo A Day Challenge from FatMumSlim to write my posts, Mi, simply because it is fun and her prompts just rock. Today’s prompt is “incomplete”. I am not going to refer to our incomplete conversations, never mind the ones we never...


Something Beginning With N

And it is N for Nostalgia. Walks to the milk booth at 5 am in the morning, reciting nursery rhymes Being told that God blessed me each time there was a breeze and a leaf fell on my head Asking me to smile, even through the tears A brand new...


My Morning Raga

Vidya Sury All that remains

Lamp glows in the prayer room. Fragrance of incense, mingling with the aroma of cooking gently fills our home. Voices singing along with the radio add to the ambience. Busy in the kitchen, preparing lunch, I think of conversations and laughter shared when we worked together, in perfect harmony. Packed...


Raining Haiku


Mi,when I participated in the Haiku Challenge last year, little did I imagine I’d fall in love with this pretty form of verse. I attempted different forms of haiku during that month and thus began a habit of writing haiku for my friends on a regular basis. I even communicate...

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