Truly Alive

Time lost, moments missed Words unsaid spill on paper All that’s left is hope ♥ Unshed tears, eyes red Heartbroken, heavy with grief Peace of mind, a dream ♥ Music floods choked brain Blending notes, playing havoc Orchestrating pain ♥ Life‘s rainbow hues glow Painting laughter, joy, fears Hope returns...


Guru Devo Bhava

Happy Teacher’s Day, Mi! I have such happy memories of Teachers’ Day celebrations – both as a student and the short time I substituted as a teacher at your school for three months when Emy went on study leave. What brings a smile to my face is how you used...


Fragrant Memories

Fragrant Memories Coffee With Mi

​Mi, the other day, I opened your cupboard (yes, it will always be your cupboard) to take something out and as usual, fondly stroked your soft leather handbag. As usual, I opened it and sniffed inside, to savor the mixed fragrance of the dried champa petals you always loved to...


Waiting To Exhale

Mi, I feel low. I am trying very hard to yank myself out of it but sometimes, even I don’t succeed. As evidenced by this post’s title and my 55 fiction which you can read shortly. I couldn’t help it. It simply flowed. I am so used to writing full-of-cheer...


Food for the soul

Food for the soul Mi

Mi, I often wonder what is the one thing I can’t live without, when it comes to food. Predictably, the not so unusual answer that consistently comes to mind is curd. Truly, food for the soul. Besides the fact that I grew up with the dear old “thairinjaam” or curd...


An Award, Tears and Gratitude

Mi, on Thursday evening, we were chilling at home as usual. It was Independence day and a holiday. I had some vague intention of writing a post about Freedom, but real life intervened and I let it flow. Sometimes we just have to cut out the external noise and enjoy...


The plot thickens

So, Mi, it is fiction for you today. The serial sort we often play at home when the power goes out. Chinese Whispers, you know, that fun game where one person whispers a message to another, passing through a series of people until the last player announces the message to...

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