Something We Should Have Done

Mi, here is a lovely quote by Meryl Streep that you will love. I wish we had both pledged to do this. Life was such a struggle, where our achievements were diminished or hushed and our shortcomings magnified. But  I am glad we had each other. Here is the quote:...


Oh, those little things!

little things vidya sury

So, Mi, this moment, I believe there is a God. I was making a list of things to do as I’ll be busy the next three days. One of them was the staple dosa milaga podi. I was trying to figure out when to fit in the roasting and grinding...


Healing Memories

And just as some memories hurt, some memories heal, Mi. Today I was up on the terrace as usual walking with Vidur. You know I walk briskly for an hour every day. Some days it is tough – because I am so distracted by the clouds and the birds. It...


Hold on or let go

That would really depend on the situation, right, Mi? What would I like to hold on to? Memories of you. What would I like to let go? Hurtful memories – you know what I mean. I know you kept advising me that it is best to move on, forgive and...


You Are Going To Love This

The day before yesterday, I had to go buy curd because we were living dangerously*, Mi!. Yep, last pack. And you know how the last pack is – it leaves you wanting that little bit more. So I toddled down 11th cross to the HOPCOMS outlet – by the way,...


12 things I wish I had done

12 things

No, no – this is not a regret-rant, Mi! Just wishing, you know? “I wish…” – this phrase goes through my head every single day in some context or other. Can’t blame me, right? Of course, there are plenty of things I wish I had done and I cannot list...


Song Sung Blue

Seriously, Mi! I keep humming a lot of old songs we used to listen to regularly and always end up crying a little. Yes, you know I am such a crybaby these days. Unexpected things trigger those tears and I get all choked up. You know those days – in...

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