Harpic In My Hair #MicroblogMondays

I got Harpic in my hair today, Mi. Ironically, I was writing content for a client in the beauty industry and specifically about hair care. As I did the research, I laughed to myself thinking soon I’ll be in the market for a wig. I even playfully wondered if I...


Back On Air

champa fragrant memories
Image from India Nature Watch

Did I tell you that the champa sapling in our compound flowered some more? How could I have done that when we were off the air? Yep, we were actually off the air thanks to our hosting company for two days. Not that anyone noticed, I think. But how does...


Cooking It Up

Know what? I am in the mood to cook and experiment and am enjoying the results, Mi. Who knew you passed on the talent via osmosis to me? Ha ha!. I was telling T that on the phone yesterday and she laughed her head off. But seriously, being a helper...


Two Miracles and Some Crazy Stuff

I am here to report a miracle Mi. Two in fact. The day before yesterday I ran all the way from Triveni road to the Y’pur circle bus-stop and didn’t pant! I was amazed at myself on two counts. One, I hate to jog, you know. I simply abhor jiggly...


Ambitious Goals

As the deadline I set myself draws nearer, I am thinking, planning, making lists, Mi. I really want to accomplish what I’ve noted down by October 31, or at least get as close to doing it as possible. Ten things I must finish this coming week: Tackle the 7 coconuts...


Some Days!

I tell you, some days are just a total washout. Today, after I went and got veggies and groceries, I was all set to follow my list and check off the items and feel good. So okay, lists always make me feel good! Just the fact that I’ve got it...


Testing Times

Today marks the beginning of testing times for Vidur. Exam season, which will extend for the next six months or so. This is the first one setting the pace for the rest of them. Today is also school reopening day after the ten day Navaratri holiday. After he left, I...

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