Memories Of Another Day


Feb is a nerve-wracking month in so many ways, Mi. For how could I not relive those days in 2010…. Do you remember how our house guest arrived on Feb 2 to attend an interview in our town? We invited him to stay when he called to tell us the...


The Going Gets Tough

So that fateful morning started off hectic and proceeded to get worse. I kicked it off with slicing my thumb. Yep. Was making kundru (ivy gourd – who knew!) and just began to cut it, when I recalled how easy it was to slice it – and save so much...


Unlimited By Choice

unlimited by choice vidya sury

You more than anyone will completely understand what it means to be stereotyped, labelled and sealed in a box, Mi. As women, we had to fit into the little square earmarked for us, no matter how cramped it was. Responding to even the most trivial decree was frowned upon. Even...


Fresh-Faced Forever

Neem. Always brings a smile, Mi. I am wondering if I should feel guilty about going through my teenage years with smooth skin while my peers were busy trying all sorts of lotions, pastes and creams to hide those craters that would unexpectedly appear at the most inconvenient moments! How...


Following That Heart

What reason weaves, by passion is undone.

— Alexander Pope

Sometimes, even if it is justified in holding us back, our logical mind can be quite the enemy, Mi. It freaks me out when my heart really wants to do something, but is hesitant to venture forth. I can hear my brain scream at me, telling me to think, think...


All Fired Up

vidya sury all fired up

Would you believe that Vidur loves baingan bharta? So every time I buy the big variety, I get two or three so I can save one for the bb, one for vetha kozhambu..yum! and one for vangi bath. But my favorite memory is that time when we would realize it...


Cutting Coffee

  • fulka

Gasp! What? Why? Don’t be so alarmed, Mi. ​So I just found a way to enjoy my morning coffee, twice. You know how we used to think that the subsequent cups never tasted like the first one? Haha. I’ve hacked that by splitting the first mega-tumbler into two parts. Then...

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