Not So Tech Savvy

vidya sury coffee tech savvy

In fact, quite tech un-savvy. So I had laptop problems today. And you know what an utter waste of time it is to try sorting it out, not to mention the hours of frustration trying to read stuff in forums where some people seem to know everything and finally ending...



vidya sury discovery

Went shopping today, Mi. Okay that’s a euphemism for what I went. I strolled 9th cross today and was just thinking of our flowerlady when I just stopped, midstride, frozen. For, what I saw was a neat row of crates with veggie along the sidewalk. New development while we were...


Fine Threads

fine threads vidya sury

I ordered a couple of blouses online while browsing a site I visit regularly, Mi. I am using your blouses, but I am missing a black and red. I ordered two sizes too large because the fit is better for me in terms of neck depth and blouse height when...


The Wash Program

the wash program vidya sury

I decided to wash some clothes today. I suppose I could have washed on a daily basis, but then, with clothes that can be machine washed, why bother? So I waited till the weekened to build up a load. Then of course, I took one guilty look at my special...


Walking on sunshine

vidya sury sunshine

Ya know when I was walking on the terrace yesterday, Mi, and missing Vidur as usual, I couldn’t help thinking how lucky I am. And so, I lapsed into a conversation in my head with you and Vidur in turns. As I looked up at the blue sky and the...


Teething Trouble

teething trouble

I was enjoying a cup of steamed sprouts last week, Mi. I thought I bit something a bit harder than it should have been and assumed it must be a stone that I had missed in the sprouts. You know how it is – even though we sift and clean...


Settling Down


Vidur is slowly settling into his new life, Mi. You’d be proud of him. I think it is always harder for us as parents to adjust. Children obviously will face challenges, struggle and try to tackle them in their own way, and then carry on as they get busy with several...

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