vidya sury memories

The ‘flu is visiting us, so the quiet day at home continues as the sounds and smell of firecrackers fill the air outside, Mi. After a bit of fitful sleep where, in between checking the clock, I dreamed that Pele (yeah, that one!) was chilling in our balcony and I...



Vidya Sury Diwali

Today is Diwali, Mi. But none of that gangasnanam, Deebavali marundu, oil bath, sweets and the like. This year, we’re super low key. It is almost as though we don’t celebrate this festival. Except we did. In a very different way. This year, instead of the traditional things, we created...



vidya sury affirmation

A bit of self-affirmations today, Mi. It has been an eventful day. But as you’d love to say, not without the silver linings – can’t let them get past me, right? ♥ Shelve your history Let your imagination take wing. Life awaits. ♥ Step out of your past Learn from...



I pulled the covers around me cozily, Mi,chiding myself yet again for going to bed so late, and resolving to wind up earlier from now on. Famous last words. As I got accustomed to the night sounds, the sound of the fan bothered me. I realized it was too fast,...



So I actually slacked off for the better part of this afternoon, Mi. I was a bit tired after wrapping up a mini-project I really enjoyed and then catching up with the other work deadlines, which meant a few very late nights and every early mornings. You know how the...



Vidya Sury Nineteen

Nothing like a good old rewind on life, eh, Mi? Considering we cannot actually turn the clock back, it is a good thing we have memories and love to wallow in nostalgia every once in a while. Nah, it is more often than that for me. Blame it on the...



vidya sury space

Did I tell you I’ve scrubbed the doors to your room, Mi? I’ve removed all the stickers and their residue. I felt a little restless and thought the best way to get over it is to do something vigorous. What better activity than cleaning! The door looks weirdly clean now....

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