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Why don’t you….

– Go for an ayurvedic session? The massages will cure you; Oh, there may be diet restrictions, but you can manage. Think about it. 3 people. – Wear half “pyanties” to help your wounds heal faster? The dhobi. Of course he meant pants – shorts. – Get someone to clean...


Life Limps Along

Yeah, as if it stops. Actually it is me who is limping along, quite cheerfully. In fact, when mobility is difficult, the number of things to do naturally increase. Some kind of twisted Murphy’s law. So, everyone I see is asking me why am limping. To which I give them...


An Update

Was under the impression that I was recovering from being the crash test dummy – or is it mummy? Well, as things turned out, the right foot’s swelling seemed to get worse – and I had to go see the doc again. X-rays and clinical examinations done – and the...


Some Rewind

Something fabulous happened last Saturday – thanks to Facebook, I’ve been connecting with the wonderful Class of ’78 as well as some ex-colleagues  & friends…and was talking to Nimmi. Could have knocked my non-existent socks off when I answered the phone to Nimmi’s call last Saturday, saying she was in...


Crash Test Dummy

The highlight of this week is – on the way back from school on Monday, Vidur & I had a fall off the bike. Some dopehead vroomed out of 11th Cross and to avoid a collision, I jammed brakes. Thanks to the rain, we skidded and went a little out...


A piece of cheesecake

It really was a piece of cake – er…cheesecake! We had the most exciting experience ever, last week. Talk about small pleasures! The Sunday morning began as usual – and after quite some time, I heard the milk crackling, to tell me that it had no intentions of joining my...

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