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Birthday Memories

“So, you think you know it all”, you said. “Of course. It is a crazy idea,Mi” I replied, “We may be superwomen, but this is mind-boggling, even for us.” It was Vidur’s first birthday. 100+ guests were expected. You insisted all the snacks should be homemade. Our menu was ambitious...


Sweet Talking

Did I tell you I got a cute butternut squash? Got it at Namdhari. Quite like our red pumpkin, only not so red. It is a pleasing orange. Rather peachy, if you ask me. Fine, don’t ask.  Yes, I saw you grin. I know you won’t ask and never mind...


More Than Words

I was going to write something else, but remembered I had two prompts, Mi. One is — the post must contain ‘One thing he/she/they didn’t know that they were being watched’ and the second is 55 fiction with the picture below as the prompt. I love this picture and spent...


Coffee With Mi, Close To My Heart

coffee with mi

Today’s flavor is a nonet, Mi. Yep – a nine-liner. My best coffees have been with you, Mi. Okay, my eyes just glazed over. Sigh! “I believe in love at first sight, because I’ve loved my Mom ever since I opened my eyes” Coffee With Mi Coffee Fragrance gently invades...


This morning

Mi – such a cute sight i saw this morning. was returning from yeshwantpur and took the second bus after letting the first one go – 30 + people squashed like sardines in a can into it. Not that I’ve seen one, but I can visualize it – stuffy stinky....


A Comedy of Errors

Peggy looked everywhere for her jeans. As usual, she couldn’t find them. She was pretty sure she had kept them on her shelf. Her Dad often teased her saying, “You’re just like your Mom”. Sighing, she thought, “let me look in Mom’s room”, only to see her Mom searching frantically...


Fifty fifty

5..4..3..2..1..! And…. I turned 50! Now how many people can make that claim, Mi? Actually when I saw the prompt yesterday, I thought, ha! I’ll skip it this week. Then this morning, as I savored my second coffee, I thought, omigosh, I have the perfect thing to say! And what...

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