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Saraswati Lives With Us

It is Saraswati Puja today Mi…and here we were, assuming it was tomorrow. Result? Not ready to celebrate! Can you imagine? Because we haven’t shopped for all the trappings​ – flowers, fruits, etc etc. Then Vidur suggested we celebrate it tomorrow. Yes, aren’t we great at rescheduling things according to...


No free lunches

Did I tell you I took the RISC test when I was at the writers convention last week? This is a complex yet non-invasive test that comprehensively investigates 30 vital cardio-metabolic health indicators. It helps determine if a patient is at risk of developing diabetes and if a patient is...


A Pleasant Encounter

So Vidur had a nice teachers’ day Mi! He taught 11B a physics lesson and was pleasantly surprised to find they enjoyed his teaching! He was fretting over this for months and was not excited that I would be away on Sept 5 – but you know him. The quick...



Teacher’s Day is now Gurutsav, Mi! Today, Vidur will be Teacher, can you imagine? Sometimes I find it tough to believe he is in the 12th standard and this is his last year of formal school, as we know it. The last two days he’s been fretting over what to...


When God Shopped Online

Mi, do you think God shops online? I don’t know, but let’s imagine that he does. ♥ God was in his heaven and all was right with the world. Or so he thought and decided to take a nap. Suddenly he heard a ping from his email service. Deciding to...



Happy Birthday, Mi. Snatched away at 64…you would have been 69 today. Always alive in our hearts. Here is the essence of this song’s truly beautiful lyrics: We have never seen Him (God) But there is no need to, because how can His face be different from yours, oh Mom?...

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