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four vidya sury

I had a hilarious time booking 4 taxis before actually having one arrive today, Mi. As exciting as it is to be able to just open an app and call a taxi, it isn’t always what it seems. A wait time of 5 min before booking usually transforms to 20...



coconuts vidya sury

I was the proud recipient of five coconuts over the last two weeks, thanks to haldi kumkum for the festivals gone by, Mi. 5 wasn’t a big number to go donate to the ashram, like we used to, those days. I remembered how we’d collect 15-odd coconuts and go give...



Vidya Sury Coffee With Mi Bye

One by one, our neighbors are saying goodbye, Mi. To the pigeons’ rule over their balconies. I am feeling a teeny bit envious because just two days back we scraped our balcony floor and filled a little bag with the proceeds. The paint is slowly wearing off thanks to the...



I have a slight obsession with peacocks, Mi. Ever since I saw the gorgeous bird calling out at all hours on Vidur’s campus, I became addicted to capturing them on camera. Not that I got many good photos – in fact, one day just as I got rather up close...


Magical Day

birthday vidur sury

It really is a kind of magic to be a Mom, Mi. I’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve lovingly said that to me. Today, our little one turns 18. Do you remember the day he was born? We couldn’t take our eyes off him. He seemed so...


Life is Too Short

vidya sury coffee with mi

…For bad coffee. The past two days have been a torture in coffee, Mi. The fault is mine. While returning home from the post office three days ago, we came via Nayak’s Condiments and I felt rather clever that I remembered, especially when the aroma of the fresh coffee powder hit...


Soup and Stuff

soup and stuff coffee with mi

Today I pressure cooked a bunch of veggies – cabbage, tomatoes, beans, carrots and onions with some salt and pepper and had two large bowls of it. Tasted like heaven. Reminded me of years ago, when we decided to suddenly go on a soup diet. We’d both wake up at...

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