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My Mother, Myself

my mother, myself vidya sury

Mi, I woke up today feeling rather tired, with a headache that begged my body to stay still and not move. As I lay in bed, waiting for the alarm to go off, I could make out the contours of the big poster on the wall titled “World’s No.1 Mom”...


Hands On

For some reason I keep on getting recommendations for atta dough makers, Mi. I must have been silly enough to look at the range somewhere and my fleeting browsing habit must have been picked up by the browsers that be. I am always amused at the variety of them available...


Floating Along

I keep proving over and over again that I function best when I am under pressure – internal pressure that is, Mi! I remember how you used to be constantly amused at how I totally reveled in being ultra busy. I am going through that sort of time now and...


That Risky Coffee

risky coffee vidya sury

Did you ever think I’d say that, Mi? But I am, and more often than I’d care to admit these days, what with the frequent tummy ‘flus, probably thanks to the diabetes medication – or maybe just a weaker system. Whatever, at least I am risking it with my eyes...


New Beginnings as we #LookUp #Together

together vidya sury

You know I’ve always thought July was the most significant month of the year for me – but it turns out that so is March. When I think back over the past few years, Mi, I realize that so many life-changing events were triggered in March, then crystallized into the new...


Dragging My Feet

vidya sury coffee with mi

Summer is upon us, Mi. Remember I said I was in kitchen cleaning mode? Thanks to acquiring an oven, which needs a good chunk of place on the counter, I am still at it. Yes, I used the oven and even made videos! It was fun. Realized I had forgotten...


Oh My Goddess!

vidya sury one world

​It is one of those hectic days when I feel weary, Mi. Did I tell you Vidur’s exams have started? Yes, the finals! They started off with English. We got home at 2.30 pm and were having lunch. I browsed TV channels and found Bruce Almighty was on. Now you...

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