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Hands On

For some reason I keep on getting recommendations for atta dough makers, Mi. I must have been silly enough to look at the range somewhere and my fleeting browsing habit must have been picked up by the browsers that be. I am always amused at the variety of them available...


Floating Along

I keep proving over and over again that I function best when I am under pressure – internal pressure that is, Mi! I remember how you used to be constantly amused at how I totally reveled in being ultra busy. I am going through that sort of time now and...


That Risky Coffee

risky coffee vidya sury

Did you ever think I’d say that, Mi? But I am, and more often than I’d care to admit these days, what with the frequent tummy ‘flus, probably thanks to the diabetes medication – or maybe just a weaker system. Whatever, at least I am risking it with my eyes...


New Beginnings as we #LookUp #Together

together vidya sury

You know I’ve always thought July was the most significant month of the year for me – but it turns out that so is March. When I think back over the past few years, Mi, I realize that so many life-changing events were triggered in March, then crystallized into the new...


Dragging My Feet

vidya sury coffee with mi

Summer is upon us, Mi. Remember I said I was in kitchen cleaning mode? Thanks to acquiring an oven, which needs a good chunk of place on the counter, I am still at it. Yes, I used the oven and even made videos! It was fun. Realized I had forgotten...


Oh My Goddess!

vidya sury one world

​It is one of those hectic days when I feel weary, Mi. Did I tell you Vidur’s exams have started? Yes, the finals! They started off with English. We got home at 2.30 pm and were having lunch. I browsed TV channels and found Bruce Almighty was on. Now you...


Can Never Tell

coffee with mi vidya sury

With life, we can never tell, can we, Mi? And people, of course. But before I get to our coffee and our chat, just wanted to tell you that on Feb 8, besides being shocked that we spent five years without you, we organized lunch at Seva Sadan. The rest...

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