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Life, that four letter word

So am heading towards one month of diabetes – on March 8. How funny. International Women’s Day. Discovery day was Feb 8. I was so keen to do something amazing and of course – you know me. I decided to do myself a favor and get a full health check...


A Star Is Born

16 years ago. November 22. 4.30 pm Anticipation In probably two days, our family would have a new member, destined to be our favorite member Even as we sat chatting, bags packed (since the last couple of months and checked by you every day) and ready in case we needed...


Milestone Musings

So Vidur’s birthday is coming up. I find it hard to believe he is going to be sixteen. Although, why should I? Time is rather impartial and does not differentiate. I love how he asks me what I want on his birthday. Remember how he would flaunt his tiny savings...


Yesterday Once More

I am sorry to report the demise of the idli knife, Mi. Not quite, actually. It is not in ICU though. Since only the handle which was already broken is gone, it was just a casualty. The knife part is intact and continues to be usable. But it sure felt...


Of Goings and Comings

​So Diwali came and went, Mi. Somehow, this year seems to be whizzing by, mostly courtesy Vidur, who makes my head spin with his busy-ness. There was a time when I was the busiest, or appeared to be. Now, it doesn’t seem like that, what with not having the kind...


Memories of Another Time, Another Place

And another memory, Mi.  Memories, in fact! This morning, when I woke up, I had the song Take me home by Phil Collins playing in a loop in my head, alternating with “I wish it would rain down“. Pleasant enough, you’d say. I would agree. With the song, however, rushed...

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