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Vidya Sury Diwali

Today is Diwali, Mi. But none of that gangasnanam, Deebavali marundu, oil bath, sweets and the like. This year, we’re super low key. It is almost as though we don’t celebrate this festival. Except we did. In a very different way. This year, instead of the traditional things, we created...



Pause Vidya Sury

As usual, I took a break today to look at some old photos. You know how it is – look at one, and it triggers a few more albums…and memories that surround the photos. Today I was looking at our Dharamsala trip photos. What a lovely trip it was – we...



vidya sury magic

Life is like magic, just like you used to say, Mi, although I must confess I never quite believed it. I guess I was too cynical to just accept something like that. But you often said, with your infinite patience that “one day” I would realize many things.  You were...


Sweat and Tears

vidya sury coffee with mi

By the way, I am using hair oil disguised as cream from garnier (because I am worth it) and it makes my hair smell like it was just washed – not shampoo fragranced just washed, but wet hair just washed.Freaky.Reminds me of all those days in Madras when we’d double-shampoo...


Your Song

This song has been playing over and over in my head, partly thanks to Sury singing it whenever it plays on the radio. I love the bond we share, united in remembering you and your very essence when we listen to this song. It played again on the radio yesterday...



beliefs vidya sury

I was idly looking at the calendar, Mi. You know how amusing it is sometimes to read all the info, most of which doesn’t make much sense to me, or to most people for that matter. Apparently Surya grahanam (Solar Eclipse) is on Sept 13. It reminded me of that...


This Time Last Year

this day vidya sury

This time last year we were all busy settling into the new academic year for what seemed like the most crucial school year for Vidur, Mi. I am in a bit of a trance over how much water has flown under that bridge! After a hectic year that included mostly...

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