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And now, bad news

I didn’t think I’d be writing this so soon, Mi. P’ma passed away yesterday. It is odd to think you did not live to see/hear it. Of course you would have cried and felt miserable, because no matter what, blood is thicker than water, is it not? So, where are...


More than words

Dear Mi, My Mom Devi – One Sweet Day in 1973 You are always more, much more than words. You are hugs, smiles, laughter, love and above all, fun. October 15 – what happy memories we have, enhanced even more by two years of unexpected strawberry and chocolate cake which...


Beautiful morning memories

When I opened the door this morning to retrieve the newspaper and milk bag, I was pleasantly welcomed by a blast of cold air, thanks to the rains yesterday. A wave of nostalgia hit me right away, as I remembered many mornings in the past when my Mom was alive....



My mother loved Talat’s songs.  She also sang pretty well, herself – and hummed almost all the time. Here’s a song she loved. Film: Patita, Singer Talat MahmoodSong: Hai sab se madhur woh geet in the velvety layered voice that is Talat.


Oh, that list!

January is Hanuman Jayanti month – and looks like my to-do list is being highly influenced by one of my favorite deity’s tail :-). It’s growing. And growing. Never seems an end to it because am adding new things every day. Oh well, that’s life I guess. But I’ve decided...


Of deaths

The week that went by was quite eventful. We experienced the death and sad loss of our illustrious neighbor Mr Santosh Kumar Gulvady, who passed away quite suddenly at age 72. As usual he went downstairs, after chatting with the neighbors on the same floor, to check the post box....

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