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That Halo Around My Head

Can you ever forget your first shampoo? It is even more memorable than first love.After all, we’ve gone steady for decades! And receiving the Sunsilk Natural Recharge hamper via Indiblogger brought back some warm memories, Mi! It was 1983. It was that momentous day when my college mate Shanti, who...


Craving, Musing.

So anyway, I am craving some javvarisi vadam maavu. Remember how you’d make just the batter for me in a small bowl so I could enjoy it? I miss it so much. It is years since I tasted it and I felt so emotional when B’s mom L came up...


Mom Sweet Mom. Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day

Home is where Mom is, right? Right. I am thinking of all the “happy Mothers Days” we’ve celebrated in our own way. What really stands out is the love and joy we felt. Even though we argued a lot and were rather radically different by nature, we were firmly bonded...


Of sweat, laughter and tears

vidya sury peepul

Feels rather sick to get a whiff of our own sweat, Mi. So warm! In spite of those heavy rains a couple of days ago. More like splashing water on a hot griddle! You know, I can’t sit slumped because wherever skin contacts skin, it becomes wet. On the other...


Just Do It

I imagined you said that, and did. What, you ask? Eat oranges. Yes, I am actually enjoying oranges almost every day. Until, of course someone says it is not good for me. These days, as soon as Vidur and I return from our walk, we wash our feet and hands...


Headlines Today

coffee with mi papaya

So, Mi. today I’ll begin with the good stuff. I have news for you. All of the headlines variety. Do you want to know the big news first, or the big news first? Okay, I’ll tell you the news that is closest to your heart. Vidur is now officially in...


When Life Gives You Demons

​It is funny how, the things we turn up our noses at, turn right around and bite us in the rear. Case in point: the other day I whined about mentioned coffee without sugar. And Pro suggested I add a pinch of cinnamon to it since cinnamon is known to...

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