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When Life Gives You Demons

​It is funny how, the things we turn up our noses at, turn right around and bite us in the rear. Case in point: the other day I whined about mentioned coffee without sugar. And Pro suggested I add a pinch of cinnamon to it since cinnamon is known to...



The morning dawned bright and clear. Actually no. Hot and humid is more like it. My Honda Activa dazzled with a brand new battery. I was contemplating getting it serviced before announcing that it was for sale. I called K and he came over – since I couldn’t ride there....


She was too late

coffee with mi

Even today, when I think of all the attempts to foil every plan we made for an outing, I find it amusing. Time does heal. But back then, I remember how mad I used to get and how frustrated, helpless I’d feel, Mi. Especially during our 6 year stint in...


So hard to say goodbye

With a heavy heart, I have to say I’m planning to sell my bike, Mi. Yes, yes, I know. But it has been in the garage, unused. I can’t be checking on it and dusting it and ensuring it starts forever when I don’t plan to use it. That’s when...


I have lost it

And I don’t know how, Mi. Not complaining really…but a little surprised nevertheless. The good news is I don’t have to alter the bag of clothes I’ve been procrastinating over for months now. The bad news is all the clothes I’ve bought since are a size too large. Okay, so...


My Earliest Memory

My earliest memory

When Psych Babbler of Over Cups Of Coffee (how auspicious!) tagged me and urged me to share “my earliest memory” I smiled, because with me, it is never one memory. Also, if there’s one way to woo me, it is a cuppa coffee. One triggers another (the coffee as well...

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