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Something Fresh on the Skyline

I am combining two prompts today – Skyline and Something Fresh, Mi! You know, during our recent trip to Toronto, you might as well have been there with us, since we talked about you non-stop. How could we not! Every sight we saw, everything we ate, every place we visited...


Something Beginning With N

And it is N for Nostalgia. Walks to the milk booth at 5 am in the morning, reciting nursery rhymes Being told that God blessed me each time there was a breeze and a leaf fell on my head Asking me to smile, even through the tears A brand new...


Handwriting Day 30 #FMSPhotoaday

And so we are at the final day of the June photo a day challenge. Today’s prompt is handwriting. I am sharing something I’ve learnt, and I am trying to follow, Mi! As you can see – I’ve written it down for all to see: And here are some notes...


Give Me Red:Day 28 #FMSPhotoADay

Ah, your favorite color, Mi! Red! You were so obsessed with it. You believed that if you wore a red sari while going out, your trip / meeting / interview would be successful. It was like a good omen. Why, even while packing for the hospital you wanted a red...


Empty Day 26 #FMSPhotoADay

Empty is a neat description of the space you occupied in our home physically, Mi, but not in our hearts, because our hearts and minds will always be full of happy memories of you, your laughter, your smile and your encouragement. Empty also describes some hearts I know.Empty describes my...

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