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Playing Catch Up

Coffee with mi vidya sury

So Mi, I think I’ve gone completely crazy. I spent November writing my heart (and perhaps other organs) out. I am continuing to do the same in December because I am on a roll and you know what happens when that happens. When my mind is made up, nothing deters...


Guess Who Celebrated With Us

So despite mild protests from Vidur, we went ahead and got a cake. Death By Chocolate. After all, 16 doesn’t come every day…heck, every year, right? Luckily, it was a holiday, since exams are going on and we had a very pleasant day. We woke him up with “happy birthday”...


A Star Is Born

16 years ago. November 22. 4.30 pm Anticipation In probably two days, our family would have a new member, destined to be our favorite member Even as we sat chatting, bags packed (since the last couple of months and checked by you every day) and ready in case we needed...


Birthday Memories

“So, you think you know it all”, you said. “Of course. It is a crazy idea,Mi” I replied, “We may be superwomen, but this is mind-boggling, even for us.” It was Vidur’s first birthday. 100+ guests were expected. You insisted all the snacks should be homemade. Our menu was ambitious...


Nurtured By Nature

I’ve always considered myself lucky for being born into a family that believes in natural remedies for practically everything, Mi. I owe my good health to you and Grandma, and great Grandma. I often fondly recall the stories you’ve told me about her and her herb garden…how she would crush...


Milestone Musings

So Vidur’s birthday is coming up. I find it hard to believe he is going to be sixteen. Although, why should I? Time is rather impartial and does not differentiate. I love how he asks me what I want on his birthday. Remember how he would flaunt his tiny savings...


Sweet Talking

Did I tell you I got a cute butternut squash? Got it at Namdhari. Quite like our red pumpkin, only not so red. It is a pleasing orange. Rather peachy, if you ask me. Fine, don’t ask.  Yes, I saw you grin. I know you won’t ask and never mind...

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