Something fabulous happened last Saturday – thanks to Facebook, I’ve been connecting with the wonderful Class of ’78 as well as some ex-colleagues¬† & friends…and was talking to Nimmi. Could have knocked my non-existent socks off when I answered the phone to Nimmi’s call last Saturday, saying she was in town. And – she came over, since I was grounded with Sid. We had a lovely time catching up on the years. Would have been nice if we had a few hours more…but hopefully we’ll connect this weekend too, if she’s here as expected.

Very warm feeling.  Nimmi looks just the same in my eyes. Funny thing is Рwe talked about her fall on Gunrock Enclave Рand imagine Рhere I am Рsporting a few bruises of my own! Big ha, ha.

Was supposed to go see Shubha on Tuesday – but thanks to the crash, couldn’t make it. Instead, just ended up spending the same time on the phone with her. Hopefully, will be able to make it next week – as we have a tentative date.