My Mother, Myself

my mother, myself vidya sury

Mi, I woke up today feeling rather tired, with a headache that begged my body to stay still and not move. As I lay in bed, waiting for the alarm to go off, I could make out the contours of the big poster on the wall titled “World’s No.1 Mom”...


Unforgettable #MemoriesOfMotherhood

memories vidya sury

A couple of days ago, as I fretted over my to-do list yet again, I decided to add one more thing to it, Mi – something you always urged me to do. “Scan all our photo albums“. Thrilled about taking one more major decision, I wandered into your room, with...


Hands On

Vidya Sury (17)

For some reason I keep on getting recommendations for atta dough makers, Mi. I must have been silly enough to look at the range somewhere and my fleeting browsing habit must have been picked up by the browsers that be. I am always amused at the variety of them available...


Floating Along


I keep proving over and over again that I function best when I am under pressure – internal pressure that is, Mi! I remember how you used to be constantly amused at how I totally reveled in being ultra busy. I am going through that sort of time now and...


Afternoons and Coffeespoons

vidya sury devi and coffee

This morning, as I got the coffee going, I was thinking of our Mother’s Day celebrations, Mi. When I poured the coffee decoction into the milk in my tumbler, I saw it form into the shape of a heart that slowly became an M-ish wave and then just blended with...


When Life Comes A Full Circle

vidya sury coffee with mi

This morning the doorbell rang and I opened it to see our neighbor. She requested me to go over to her house to check her gas tube. Apparently she was cleaning the 4-burner baby and under it, when the tube connecting the cylinder with the stove came off. She tried...


That Risky Coffee

risky coffee vidya sury

Did you ever think I’d say that, Mi? But I am, and more often than I’d care to admit these days, what with the frequent tummy ‘flus, probably thanks to the diabetes medication – or maybe just a weaker system. Whatever, at least I am risking it with my eyes...